A tragic cycle

It starts with a tiring weekend, followed by a busy Monday. I decide to drink a 2 shot latte in the morning, and in the afternoon I’m still tired. I proceed to make myself another shot. Monday night is sleepless because caffeine overload. I make the same decision to have 3 shots because I need… Continue reading A tragic cycle


Living is finding the harmonious coexistence of life's juxtaposing conceptsThe overwhelming beauty and the crippling painThe indescribable connection and the undeniable distanceIt's the freedom and the bondageThe love and the lossThe bravery and the fearIt's the windy and restless, and the still and reverentThe lonely and the busyThe tears and the belly laughsAnd the beginnings… Continue reading 2/5/21

4:35 am

The time of the night when it’s just me and my worries. When I close my eyes, my mind races to the things I need to do at work tmr, the meetings I am unprepared for, the fires I need to fight. So fleeting, and all just to make a living. Worth it? Definitely not.